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Brain Surgeons: Between Life and Death

Show Details

How do our brains make us who we are? In every operation, surgeons are hoping to save a life. But they are also entering one of the mysterious places on earth – the inside of our heads. In this major new series, we follow patients undergoing life-changing brain surgery at the Neurological Centre in Southampton, one of Britain’s foremost neurosurgical units, where some of the most difficult and complex operations in the country are performed. These are operations that will have profound, inspiring and life-changing consequences for the people undergoing them. Using detailed computer-generated graphics, animating the patient’s real MRI scans, these films allow us to be with the surgeons at every stage of their work on the medical frontier revealing how the specific functions of their patients’ brains have been affected, bringing this strange and complex world to life in a more vivid way than ever before.