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Forensics: The Real CSI

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A single drop of blood; a tiny ball-bearing from a spent shotgun cartridge; a fragment of shattered glass; the marks left on a dead body. Police work that relies on hard factual evidence is more vital than ever and convictions today can rest on the tiniest of margins. In Northumbria Police force, one of the largest in the country, a crack team of forensic specialists are employed to solve the mystery of what has happened at the 9000 crimes scenes they attend each year.

Following cases from rape investigations to homicide enquiries, the series charts the fascinating journey of individual pieces of evidence from the moment they are discovered at the crime scene through to the microscopic analysis at the specialist laboratories and reveals the pivotal role these findings have on each investigation.

We meet the experts – from crime scene investigators to ballistics scientists and forensic pathologists – whose job it is to piece the puzzle together. Working with the time-pressures of the “forensic window” and the ever-evolving nature of crime always against them, these specialists are all too aware that their results can make the difference between an innocent person being locked up, or a guilty one walking free.